The Dark Zombies are the zombies of the Nether, and drop red feathers.


  • A century ago, when the surface world recieved its first few reports of the dead waking up from their eternal sleep, a vent opened up into a deep subterranian mine, mixing for the first time the deep searing mass of lava with the rivers above. Then, on one fateful day, a creeper was chasing one of the early adventurers of the lands into this cavern and detonated, sending his body and the tools with him into a wall of a deep purple stone. While going through one of the natural vents of this volcanic glass, his flint struck the stone and set it ablaze, and in the ensueing explosion and deep purple fire, was sent to a world where no human has set foot before...
    But today was not to be the day that a man would take those steps, for the explosive force of the creeper changed this adventurer, and the ensueing corruption rented through his body, denying him of his final, restful sleep. As the darkness of the Nether engulfed him, his eyes opened with a deep crimson gleem, and the dreadful Zombie of Darkness started to walk the lands of this world of fire.
    They say that if you ever meet one of these beasts in the depths of Hell, these monsters that are now readily formed by the culmination of the creeper's explosion and the deep purple glass, you can still see the rags that cling to the body ... of the ones who did not get away.